I have developed a range of websites using my skills in web development, and also in writing, researching and designing content for audience.

Bail NSW website

Bail Law in NSW

The Bail Law in NSW website provides a scaffold for understanding the operation of bail law in NSW.

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The written content in this website is relevant to the NSW Legal Studies Syllabus which requires students to study bail as part of the HSC Course’s Crime topic. The page structures information into chucks that scaffold learning and are navigable by using the sticky menu on the left side of the page.

Interactive elements provide context and enhance learning, such as tooltips which provide definitions of key terminology, and pop-up windows which cover complex processes and concepts in-depth - without crowding the page with too much content.

This page is one of a series of websites I produced on legal issues. Other websites in this series include:

Magna Carta Legacy

I developed and designed the website and collaborated on the content for the Magna Carta Legacy website in 2015. It contains four case-studies that present the history and legacy of the principles contained in the Magna Carta.

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I worked with an illustrator, Alan Chen, to create some wonderful visuals to tell stories about the legal systems in different of countries.

The What is the Magna Carta page of the site has a number of interactive illustrations that tell the story of the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta Legacy -  What is the Magna Carta?

Screen capture of the interactive Magna Carta on the What is the Magna Carta page

The Australian case study on Limiting the Powers of Government uses a newspaper format to tell a story about a historical legal case.

Magna Carta Legacy - Limiting the Powers of Government

Screen capture of newspaper from Limiting the Powers of Government case study.

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