As a legal educator I have developed a range of educational content to assist students and teachers learning about the law.


The following posters were developed for the Rule of Law Institute to promote its brand in schools and provide informative resources for teachers and students about key legal concepts.

Separation of Powers Poster

The Separation of Powers

This is one of the most important concepts for students to understand. This poster uses colour-coding for each arm of government, provides plain-English explanations of key issues to do with the Separation of Powers, and has summaries of important legal cases.

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Rule of Law Pyramid Poster

The Rule of Law Pyramid

I designed a diagram which summarised the main principles of the rule of law. The diagram can be interpreted in many different ways and has been highly effective as a framework for discussing and synthesising discussion about legal issues in the classroom.

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Magna Carta Poster

The Magna Carta

In 2015, the Rule of Law Institute of Australia created a committee to celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. I created this poster from a digital scan of a calligraphic work, by Margaret Layson, which is now on display in the High Court of Australia in Canberra.

The colour coding and translations at the bottom of the poster allow students to engage with medieval Latin text and understand the timeless ideas contained in the Magna Carta.

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Metadata and the Rule of Law

This handout is designed to be printed on an A3 sheet and folded. It aims to put all the information you need to understand law reform relating to mandatory retention of metadata in Australia.

I have presented this resource to thousands of students and found it provides an effective platform for unpacking a very complex area of law.

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Bail Law in NSW

This handout is designed to be printed on an A3 sheet and folded. It aims to provide a snapshot of bail law in NSW, and to give students an idea of how judges approach making decisions about bail.

This resource has an accompanying website that provides more detail. When presenting this resource, I use the handout as a way of introducing students to the more extensive information contained on the website.

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