About me

I am a freelance web and content all-rounder.

I produce:

  • web applications
  • personal, business and professional websites
  • researched and written content, documents and print material for audience

I can manage projects to produce content.

I will work in-house or remotely as a project consultant.

I like to collaborate with other freelancers.

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What is a “web and content all-rounder”?

I am “web and content all-rounder” because I can work independently and deliver projects that require both development and content:


  • writing code that is simple, maintainable and well-structured
  • creating databases and data models
  • makings websites that look good on mobiles and desktop devices
  • setting up secure, cost-effective and easy to maintain website infrastructure


  • researching and fact checking written content
  • producing written content that is appropriate for audience
  • proofreading content for spelling, grammar and flow/continuity
  • designing user experiences, graphics and concepts to deliver information and unpack complex ideas and processes

As an all-rounder I have a breadth of knowledge and expertise that allows me to find solutions for clients that look good and are appropriate for their needs.

Do you have any particular skills, traits or expertise beyond being a web/content developer?

I managed the day to day operation and education programs of a not-for-profit organisation for 5 years, and was responsible for the creation and delivery of high quality content and seminars in schools.

I am a qualified high school teacher and understand the teaching profession and education sector.

Having worked in schools and the not-for-profit sector I:

  • understand the challenges and needs of small teams on tight budgets with deadlines
  • have worked with Government and managed relationships with a range of organisations and understand the importance of complying with rules, regulations and conventions
  • communicate clearly, consistently and value building positive and professional relationships with all people in a workplace

How do you build websites and applications?

I use a range of technologies to build websites and apps, and use technologies which suit the clients needs.



I use Wordpress for clients who need a cost-effective blogging and content platform that is regularly updated with new content and customise Wordpress to fit the client’s brand and needs.

Static Websites

I use a range of different technologies for clients who need a website with content that stays the same, or doesn’t change very often.

I use Bootstrap or Material Lite as a basis and develop a look and feel that is appropriate for the client.

This website was developed using Bootstrap, and Hugo, a static website generator that makes developing static websites and filling them with content very quick.


I use Contentful for projects where the client requires a greater degree of control over their content than Wordpress offers. Contentful is one of a new generation of “headless” content management systems that provide a place for your content to live so you can access it from a website or mobile application. I use Angular to build websites that pull your data down from Contentful.

Web Applications


See my web apps page for examples.

Angular is a javascript framework developed by Google for building enterprise websites. Angular allows me to quickly create fast loading websites that pull data from any data source.

  • I use Angular Material, which follows Google’s Material Design Specification, to style my applications. The Angular Material library offers a range of elegant components such as form controls, buttons, dialog boxes, and many others which can be combined to produce professional and elegant web applications.
  • Angular Flex Layout: A library for creating responsible websites. I use this to ensure websites I make look great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Firebase is a database service offered by Google. I use Firebase because it is quick to setup, fast, and has Google Authentication integrated. Firebase’s Spark Plan is free and provides a powerful database solution for a range of applications. For example, my Membership Register app, could store around 100,000 member records before having to upgrade to a paid plan on Firebase.

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